Paul Spurrier

Paul began his career at the age of eight as a child actor. He had leading roles in over thirty television dramas, and two feature films, including 'The Wild Geese', in which he worked alongside Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Roger Moore. He spent six months filming a mini series shot in the outback of Australia, he played the inventor of television's Max Headroom, he murdered his mother and father in a TV thriller, and once fell asleep on the stage of London's most famous theatre, the London Palladium.

His first experience behind the camera came at the age of ten, when he used his Super-8 camera to film behind-the-scenes footage of television drama 'Tales of the Unexpected' which was later broadcast on a television documentary.

At the age of eighteen, while studying at the University of Southern California, he directed a short film called 'Wanna Bet', which won top prize at the American Cinemagic Film Festival.

At the London International Film School, Paul expanded his skills by studying all aspects of filmmaking, and received a Kodak Prize for Cinematography at the BP Film Expo. His work was showcased on the BBC.

Kasyno gry hazardowe . 5 KW HF Transmitter 1Kw MF/HF Transmitter. After graduation, Paul worked for international distribution company Picture Parade, as Assistant Head of Production. Here he was responsible for managing all the company's productions, and for developing new projects. One of the projects Paul produced was the renowned and only ever authorised television documentary charting the life of American singing legend Jim Reeves. He was also given the chance to write and direct two television dramas 'Out of the Darkness' and 'Live on Arrival', the latter featuring the last ever screen performance of famous British character actor Ronald Lacey.

As a director of Outlaw Films, Paul established a pop promo division, and discovered new directors like Walter Stern, who has since become one of the world's top promo directors.

Paul established CFS in 1995 as a total production and post-production facility, and returned to a role as director. He has since written and directed many hundreds of hours of video and film work, including four top ten retail music videos, commercials, and documentaries. In addition, he is also an accomplished cinematographer and editor.

'Underground' was Paul's first feature project, a gritty urban drama about the world of teenage drug abuse, set against the backdrop of London's vibrant underground music scene. It was selected to represent new British cinema at the Brooklyn Museum of Art's Sensations festival. It has become a cult film in the U.K., and received a warm critical reception. It has been released in the U.K. and in Canada, and was recently released on DVD.

Paul has now established himself in Thailand. He speaks Thai, and wrote a feature film script 'Chicken Farm' for a Thai studio - the first westerner ever to do so.

He consults to the Thai film industry on international marketing, translations and adaptations.

A small selection of critical comments for 'Underground':

"Spurrier's outstanding debut 'Underground' is stylishly shot, impressionistic without ever losing narrative coherence, and an introduction to the vast, but largely uncharted, youthful drug subculture."

Quentin Curtis - The Daily Telegraph

"The accomplished feature debut of writer/director Spurrier is a minor marvel: matching believable characters and situations with vibrant photography, crisp editing and some of the most effective marrying of music to visuals this side of Scorsese."

Jason Caro - Film Review

"Spurrier captures London with an exciting freshness, eschewing the tourist-trail images that infect most Cool Britannia cinema. Spurrier's film rejects street-level chic in favour of cold alienation."

James Mottram - Film Week Review

"Probably the first credible picture of the 90's E scene... Visually striking with an edgy, ambient style. It's an impressive directorial debut... this is just the kind of cinema the British 'renaissance' needs to be about if it's to find true legitimacy."

Tom Charity - Time Out

"There is plenty to be excited about... the film is arresting from the word go, and is consistently and defiantly adventurous. This is a film that speaks the language of young Londoners: musically, visually, emotionally and topologically. It's a blazing debut."

David Tse - Sight and Sound

"Writer/director Paul Spurrier does an exceptional job... Quite an achievement."

Radio Times - Guide to Films 2002